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Cloud vs. Classic account

Currently we support 2 different approaches to rendering on GarageFarm:

1. Cloud account

It is a self-service type of workflow where you prepare, upload, submit your scene and download rendered frames with the assist of our software. It is a fully automated process. Monitoring the rendering progress and management of rendering jobs can be done in Web Manager. Your scene is prepared and uploaded by our plugin right from your 3D app.

  • Free to open

  • 6 apps fully supported and additional 3 in functional beta

  • Support available 24/7

  • Automated process

  • Tools: auto plugins for every 3D software, Beamer app, web dashboard, live chat

  • $25 trial credits

  • Pay as you go

Supported 3D software
  1. 3ds Max

  2. Maya

  3. Cinema 4D (*in beta)

  4. LightWave

  5. Blender

  6. Modo

  7. Terragen

  8. Rhino + V-ray (only still shots)

  9. VUE (*in beta)


Rendering based on cloud account is very simple:

  1. You download the plugin appropriate for your 3D application from the Support tab in Web Manager and install it on your operating system

  2. You upload your scene directly from your 3D application by using our plugin (it will appear in your 3D application and will relink, compress and upload your whole scene)

  3. You submit your 3D scene in Web Manager (here you can set the priority, frame range and other options)

  4. You can set a test render to estimate final cost (render every n-th frame or 1/n-th resolution)

  5. You can view the progress in real-time in Web Manager

  6. Beamer will automatically download rendered frames

  7. Add credits at any time in Billing tab

2. Classic account

It is an account with the manual type of workflow. It is meant to be used with 3D software for which we currently do not have automation plugin, when some specific features are not supported yet or when customer need some custom plugins, setups or need assistance with settings things up.

  • Free to open

  • All 3D apps supported*

  • Support available 24/7

  • Manual process (more time required to set up the rendering)

  • Tools: Beamer app, live chat

  • One free test for each scene

  • Pay after accepted test renders

Supported 3D software
  1. 3ds Max

  2. LightWave

  3. Blender

  4. Modo

  5. Terragen

  6. Maya

  7. Softimage

  8. Cinema 4D

  9. SketchUp

  10. Rhino

  11. VUE

  12. GPU CUDA


Basically, it works based on a few steps:

  1. You create an account on our website and we explain to you how to upload your project.

  2. We give you a Google Spreadsheet link where you fill out your profile and all necessary project info (3D software and its version, resolution, frame range, need for baking etc.). You can view the progress in real-time and leave additional comments using that Spreadsheet.

  3. You upload your files and fill out your Google Spreadsheet each time you upload additional scenes.
    (please make sure whenever you need to re-upload a corrected version of the scene, use adequate name versions - i.e. scene_name_v02, scene_name_v03 etc. - to avoid confusion)

  4. You decide what priority you want to render with.

  5. We render one free test for each scene and give you an estimated price.

  6. We render your project and you download it the same way as you sent the files initially.

  7. We provide a PayPal link or bank wire info and you pay for your renders.

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