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Lightwave doesn't add renderBeamer to menu.

Sometimes our renderBeamer shelf doesn't get added to Lightwave.
This issue depends on the Lightwave version (mostly it happens in 11.x) and also can exist when you got a fresh Lightwave installation or Lightwave cannot save its own configuration files.

To fix it, just add renderBeamer to Lightwave as a plugin using the standard Lightwave option and browse to the Lightwave script installation path:

FluxBB bbcode Lightwave - adding external plugin

When the plugin is added, Lightwave needs to save the config. To do this, close Lightwave & Hub app (hub is mostly working in system background) and open Lightwave again.

Now you can edit the Lightwave menu layout and put our plugin wherever you want.

To do this just use edit/edit menu layout option from the main left toolbar:

FluxBB bbcode Lightwave - menu layout editon

Then, find our plugin on the left side of the window and drag & drop it to desired menu layout on the right side:

FluxBB bbcode Lightwave and beamer

Next, just click "Done" button, and "save" the config.

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