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How to prepare a Terragen scene for rendering.

When rendering it is normal that something could go wrong, but if you follow these simple rules you increase your odds of avoiding issues by quite a margin.

  • Scene file - should be saved in .tgd format using Terragen from 2 to 3.2

  • Additional objects & assets (like from 3DMax) should be linked or merged into one .tgd scene

  • All assets and textures should be placed in scene directory and linked in project. Also there should be no missing assets / textures in scene

  • If GI is cached it should be setup in "read GI cache" mode and maps should be linked. If there is no GI cache files please setup setting in "no GI cache"

  • Render settings - only one render setup should be avaliable in scene (like "Final Render"). If there are more render setups inside your project - please remove them and  leave only one used for rendering

  • Render range - should be set in "project settings" - not in render settings

  • Output path & name prefix should be prepared with same way as rendering on local machine, as well as output format

  • Scene name, output paths should not contain any untypical characters like / \ " % # ? or any similar to

Remember that we are here to help you so if you are not sure about something just ask us

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