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V-Ray scene - changelog

10/12/2020 V-Ray scene plugin v4

- Fixed support to .vrscans assets. Now all .vrscans are correctly relinked & uploaded. Flag in .gfs file is also set to “true”
- Asset re-linker tool has been improved. Also, if there are any missing assets, the re-linker tool opens automatically at the plugin startup phase
- Fixed issues with .vrscene assets (proxy file) being not relinked in the main scene
- Fixes issues with incorrect GI setups. Now all GI settings are correctly loaded & forwarded by the plugin. Also, Full animation and Camera animation modes are hidden when a base scene is set with GI engines other than IR+LC. The plugin is also changing correctly GI engines when using Still image/Strip mode
- Fixed issue with UI (continue button not visible) & plugin UI fonts
- Fixed issues with missing output paths & extensions
- Other under the hood improvements

08-09/07/2020 V-Ray scene plugin v2/v3

- Added support for the plugin temp directory 
- Added main exporter app in the plugin log file
- Improved asset re-linker workflow. Now textures can be easily replaced with other names 
- Improved strips mode. Now strips mode is checking for possible divisor based on the scene resolution
- Other under the hood improvements
- Fixed issues with plugin startup script

05/06/2020 V-Ray scene plugin v1

- The new plugin is added to our renderBeamer app
- The plugin works with exported .vrscene files
- Files can be exported from any app that renders with V-Ray render engine


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