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Autodesk Maya plugin - Startup guide and plugin modes

1 - Download & install

How to download and install renderBeamer with Maya plugin.

2 - Scene setup

Save the copy of your scene before submitting. The plugin may make some changes that are necessary for rendering on our farm.

How to prepare Maya scene with GarageFarm.NET plugin, and upload it to the farm?

The plugin gives possibility to optimize scene before upload, with tool exactly the same as "optimize scene size" option in Maya. 
It also performs asset check, and notifies you about all missing assets. You can browse your folders to find and relink missing assets paths, or use "delete" option to disable it in Maya node if it is not needed. You can also use "delete all not found option" to perform that action for entire scene.
If your scene consists of a lot of missing assets, you can use "search directory" option to speed up the process, by choosing the entire directories to be searched for missings.

For Vray, you can choose among three render modes:

Render as is - with this mode, your scene will be rendered without changing any of your settings. It should be used for scenes with already pre-cached GI or for shots that don't need caching. that mode doesn't have any GI caching options.

Bake and render Full Animation - should be used for fully animated scenes, including objects, animations, material changed, lights, or moving cameras.
With this mode, our plugin creates three types of jobs. The first is the GI caching job, the second is the render job. The render job uses pre-cached GI maps from the first job. Full animation mode uses both Irradiance Map and Light Cache setups.

Bake and render Camera animation - should be used for the scenes, where the camera is the only animated object, and it works in similar way to Full animation Mode.  It works with Irradiance Map and Light cache.

Mental Ray and Arnold scenes can be submitted only in "Render as is" mode.

3 - Web manager

How to submit already uploaded scene to rendering using Web Manager.

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