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Maya XGen Guidelines

XGen is a great Maya feature, but it requires some simple preparation on the user side to render it successfully on the farm (aka network rendering). Please follow the guidelines below and everything should work smoothly smile

1. Export Patches for Batch Render before uploading your scene

We are using Batch Render to execute all Maya jobs, so this step is necessary to render all XGen objects properly.
Please follow the steps below to Export Patches for Batch Render:

  1. Open the XGen Window.
    FluxBB bbcode Select XGen Window

  2. In the side panel from File menu please select Export Patches for Batch Render option, which lets you export information about the Description patches for each frame. XPD files are saved in XGen folder inside your project directory.
    FluxBB bbcode Select XGen Window

  3. For animations please select Animated option and put the frame range you want to render
    FluxBB bbcode Select XGen Window

   Unfortunately, sometimes even after successful export, XGen doesn't work properly. In such situation please contact us via web chat and we will re-export the Patches on our side. It should solve all XGen related issues.

2. Please keep all xgen files within one project directory

Most likely XGen won't work properly if you share XGen files between different project directories. Please try to keep all files within a single, scene project directory.

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