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Setting up a Vue scene for rendering


This preparation process is crucial for rendering on the farm without issues.

When rendering with our farm you can configure your scene for two types of rendering - animation or still shot

Still shot rendering is done using our distributed render system called strips
(The strips system renders your scene on multiple computers, and at the end of rendering process - it merges all parts into one final frame)

To set up your scene:


Turn off “auto save every” (purple) option, and turn on “clear opengl data before render”(orange).

Still Shots

In the main render settings for still shots (camera icon) (green), turn on the “save render to disk” switch (pink) turn off “auto save every” (purple) option, and turn on “clear opengl data before render”(orange).



When you are rendering animations, your output setup must be done under Animation/Animation render options menu (purple) that you can access from the movie camera icon on your timeline(blue).


Please remember that our farm is rendering to frames - not movies.
That means your main animation outputs should be set from default avi format to frame format - like PNG (green)
This should also include any additional main output layers like alpha and depth
*for still shots without strips, please be sure to set the correct output in animation settings as well. We've experienced cases where animation outputs are being looked at during rendering even when no perceivable animation is  present

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