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Rhinoceros plugin - change log

23/03/2020 Rhinoceros plugin v27

- Improvements in .vrscene export. Now, when the base scene got missing assets, the parameter “Abort on Missing Assets" in exported .vrscene is set to 0. This will allow rendering plugin-exported .vrscenes with missing assets without issues

05/02/2020 Rhinoceros plugin v26

- An additional switch has been added that skips uploading the original base scene when the plugin is working with .vrscene exporter.
- As a default, “upload base scene” is always off

17/07/2019 Rhinoceros plugin v25

- Added support for new renderBeamer version (v0.1000)

14/05/2019 Rhinoceros plugin v24

- Fixed issue with random plugin crashes

07/05/2019 Rhinoceros plugin v23

- Fixed issue with plugin workflow on VRay 3.6
- Fixed issue with Irradiance Map settings
- Added prompt about nVidia denoiser usage

18/04/2019 Rhinoceros plugin v22

- Added support to VRay 4.x
- Added support for the temporary directory
- VRay scenes with missing textures now got empty paths string

11/02/2019 Rhinoceros plugin v21

- Added output path length checker
- Added support for symlinks
- Added support for VR Scans
- Added progress bar for plugin operations

18/12/2018 Rhinoceros plugin v20

- Blocked .vrimg output format (strips mode)

07/11/2018 Rhinoceros plugin v19

- Summary prompt for missing textures and assets
- Automated calculator added
- Other minor fixes & improvements

29/10/2018 Rhinoceros plugin v18

- Fixed issues with non-Latin characters

31/08/2018 Rhinoceros plugin v17

- Fixed issue with textures renaming (to file md5 name) when using unsupported (non-Latin & special) characters

12/07/2018 Rhinoceros plugin v16

- Fixed & extended support for non-Latin characters (assets, scene, views, output)

07/05/2018 Rhinoceros plugin v15

- Fixed automatic VRay version detection on Rhino 6.x

11/04/2018 Rhinoceros plugin v14

- Added support for Rhino v6 (up to newest release) & newest VRay (3.6x)

22/03/2018 Rhinoceros plugin v13

- Fixed issue with VRay proxy assets
- Fixed issue with plugin startup on older rhino versions (5.10)

16/01/2018 Rhinoceros plugin v12

- Fixed error "Index out of range" (exists when the resolution of still shot cannot be divided)

28/12/2017 Rhinoceros plugin v11

- New plugin setup GUI
- Support for all GI solutions (Irradiance map, Light Cache, Brute force, with all possible combinations)
- Support for multi-cam scenes. Now you can render all your cameras with one plugin usage
- sRGB switch is now ON as default (Web Manager)
- Progressive image sampling (in Vray frame buffer) is now OFF
- Improvements in plugin stability and speed

13/9/2017 Rhinoceros plugin v10

- Fixed crash log sending issue
- Setting "store direct light" switch off as default (VRay Light Cache setting)

25/7/2017 Rhinoceros plugin v9

- Fixes & improvements

5/7/2017 Rhinoceros plugin v8

- Added option to render still shot with strips mode
- Now you can cache GI & render your still shots with multiple render nodes

19/6/2017 Rhinoceros plugin v7

- Fixed issues with non-Latin OS
- Fixed random plugin crashes

22/5/2017 Rhinoceros plugin v5

- Support for VRay 3.4 and up
- Automatic VRay version checking. Now your scene will be rendered on exactly same Vray version

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