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Maya plugin - change log

08/04/2020 Maya plugin v88

- Added support for Anima plugin
- Fixed issue with auto data window breaking strips merge job
- Fixed issue with wrong output path for GI cache files. The bug exists with GI Bake job in “Bake & render camera animation” mode and usage of “multi-node bake” option
- Blocked Altus Denoiser output for Redshift renderer

29/03/2020 Maya plugin v87

- We have added support for the Redshift render engine
- Redshift support also includes AOVs outputs
- Improvements in .vrscene export
- Now, when the base scene got missing assets, the parameter “Abort on Missing Assets" in exported .vrscene is set to 0

20/02/2020 Maya plugin v86

- The default render mode for V-Ray renderer has been changed from Full animation to Render as is
- Added “New project name” option
- Added support for OCIO file in Maya Colour Management preferences
- File name padding has been fixed for strips rendering
- Fixed issue with not relinked UDIM sequences

06/09/2019 Maya plugin v85

- Fixed issue with not uploaded Ornatrix baked hair alembics being not relinked and uploaded
- Fixed issue with pre/post-render MEL scripts for Yeti. Scripts are removed now if Yeti is not used in the scene

02/09/2019 Maya plugin v84

- Added support <UDIM> in Arnold stand-ins (ass)
- Fixed issue with copying assets from image search paths in Yeti textures
- Added support for .abc assets in Ornatrix plugin
- Fixed issue with incorrect GI filename in .gfs file
- Fixed issue with layer override GI settings links
- Fixed issue with relinking of texture in Yeti graph editor
- Fixed support for Goalem plugin - now our plugin is coping MEL/Python callbacks and keeps order of .gcha (Goalem cache files) with same settings as user base scene
- Fixed issue with .vdb caches sequences links
- Fixed issue with an incorrect path for Auxilary (XGen)
- Added prompt for incorrect render mode

19/07/2019 Maya plugin v83

- Fixed missing X-Gen Collection
- Fixed issues with GI links (.vrmap files)
- Fixed issues with unusual characters in the texture names
- Fixed issues with V-Ray Next version detection
- Added warning prompt for small bucket sizes
- The plugin now works with renderBeamer v0.1000 and up. Previous renderBeamer versions will not work with this plugin version!

13/05/2019 Maya plugin v82

- Fixed issue with Yeti assets (density maps) containing the same names for different objects
- Fixed issue with same assets used in different render layers

28/03/2019 Maya plugin v81

- Added plugin under Windows context menu. Now you can upload Maya scenes directly from Windows Explorer
- Added support for the temporary directory (from renderBeamer settings)
- Fixed issue with reading incorrect Shave & Haircut version
- Fixed issue with patch abs files
- Added prompt about not supported OptiX denoiser

31/12/2018 Maya plugin v80

- Fixed relinking V-Ray GI caches
- Added prompt with yes/no option for reloading scenes when a submission fails

26/11/2018 Maya plugin v79

- A fixed vrscene export issue with render animation
- Changed workflow for copying .ass stacked asset. Now files are copied to the folder named "md5 of an original path" - previously it was "node name"
- Improved copying mesh assets
- Added prompt for unsupported CPU based render engine - Maya Redshift

10/10/2018 Maya plugin v78

- Improved symlink handling on Windows OS
- Added Render Cost Calculator
- Fixed some frame number rendering issues by enabling "Ignore when rendering" property for start and end frame in render settings

04/10/2018 Maya plugin v77

- Added support symlink/hard link in plugin links instead of copying files assets -  reduces the duration of scene preparation and disk usage

30/08/2018 Maya plugin v76

- Reading render layers from referenced scenes will now be omitted
- Handled special characters in stacked asset node names

03/08/2018 Maya plugin v75

- Add support for assets x-refs .vrscenes used in the main Maya scene

16/07/2018 Maya plugin v74

- Improved handling of long output paths
- Added support for Arnold texture tokens
- Added support for UV tiled texture sequences using a token (UVTILE and UDIM)

18/06/2018 Maya plugin v73

- Added support for Xgen archives .xarc files
- Improvements for V-Ray Standalone exporter
- Added Maya PREFS saved in gfs (our settings file) for animation evaluation, animation curves, Maya-style alpha detection on file textures for MentalRay

29/05/2018 Maya plugin v72

- Added support for FurDescription Hair Maps
- Added support for .ass files in Mesh Node
- Handled Arnold version jpeg to jpg change
- Disabled Auto Data Window option for V-Ray strips mode

21/05/2018 Maya plugin v71

- Added support for PHOENIX resimulation cache
- Added support for PHOENIX variables as $(same_as_output) in cache
- Added support for custom cache paths in modifiers (XGEN)
- Fixed versioning for XGEN files
- Fixed relinked Alembic cache in Maya 2018.3
- Improvement render layers reading
- Other minor fixes and improvements

24/04/2018 Maya plugin v70

- Fixed issue with variable ${PROJECT} in Xgen
- Fixed issues with not uploaded abc caches
- nCache - cache overwrote blocked, scene name is added now to cache dir name

16/03/2018 Maya plugin v69

- Added support for BOSS plugin - BossSpectralWave, BossWaveSolver, BossGeoProperties, BossEXRInfluence
- Added & improved support for Bifrost (Maya 2017 and up) - Liquid Cache, Liquid Mesh Cache, Liquid-Solid Cache, Aero Solid Cache, Aero Cache, Foam Cache, Guide Cache, BifMeshImportNode
- Remove unsupported PRE/ POST-MEL scripts from the scene
- Fixed issue with proper detection of the render layers(error: rsm not defined)
- Default set the cache size to 16384 MB (Arnold renderer)

20/02/2018 Maya plugin v68

- Added support for file .abc in AnimWires, Control Wires, Collision modifiers in XGen
- Added support for variable ${PROJECT} in Xgen
- Added support Time Editor (including assets)
- Fixed detection for missing UV textures (when using relative paths)
- Added prompt "GI contains setup with additional files. Please change this setting before uploading scene." in "render as is" mode for V-Ray render engine

09/01/2018 Maya plugin v67

- Improved handling nCache assets
- Improved coping .abc / xgen assets
- Default turn off for export to a vrscene mode in the render settings

28/11/2017 Maya plugin v65/v66

- Fixed yeti assets handling

22/11/2017 Maya plugin v64

- Added support for MentalRay's Final Gather caches
- Added support for Yeti's referenced *.fur caches (both animated and static)
- Xgen assets handling improved
- Mirrored assets handling improved
- Arnold's "Autocrop" option is being disabled for "Still shot" mode

30/10/2017 Maya plugin v63

- Added support for aiVolume's VDB cache files

13/10/2017 Maya plugin v62

- Support for Xgen Animation Guide cache (.abc)
- Added support for xgmSplineCache Xgen node
- Locked attributes are getting unlocked
- Minor adjustments added to mental ray proxy handling

21/09/2017 Maya plugin v61

- Added support for $MAYA_PROJECTS_DIR variable used in the assets' paths
- Fixed 'no renderable layer set' prompt (when additional layers were used in referenced scenes)
- Adding "">"" char was fixed for stacked assets
- Empty input boxes for mental ray texture nodes are being ignored

15/09/2017 Maya plugin v60

- Added prompt about support for external renderer - MentalRay - for Maya 2017 and up

04/09/2017 Maya plugin v59

- Added support for Shotgun plugin
- Added prompt about support for external renderer - MentalRay - for Maya 2017 and up

01/08/2017 Maya plugin v58

- Added support for OpenVDB plugin
- GI map overrides are no longer being applied

31/07/2017 Maya plugin v57

- Added support for Shave&Haircut dynamics caches (*.stat)
- Having multiple renderers in one scene is not supported
- Uploading linked VRay's GI maps is supported
- Unsupported prefixes are being changed automatically
- fixed VRay name prefixes ( <Layer> token)
- fixed unsupported prefixes (COM1, COM2,...)

17/06/2017 Maya plugin v56

- New feature - Vray scene exporter
- Now you can export Maya scenes to .vrscene and render them with our farm
- All plugin features (like GI caching for each mode, render outputs etc) are supported with .vrscene exporter

12/06/2017 Maya plugin v55

- added support for assets files in .ass, .ass.gz (Arnold stand-is/stand-alone scenes ) and .mi, mi.gz (Mental Proxy)
- the YETI PRE/POST MEL Vray scripts are now removed in Arnold and Arnold's scripts removed in Vray
- handled invalid output image prefix in VRay
- fixed the issue with copying xGen ABC
- disabled the optimizer prompt
- the vrscene exporter has been turned on
-added support for MentalRay's proxies (.mi, .mi.gz)
- other minor fixes and improvements

24/5/2017 Maya plugin v54

- added support for multiple assets with the same filename but different path
- added render setup and upAxisDirection checking
- Yeti cache output path will be cleared if no cache was used
- fixed colorSpace texture bug: alterations when relinking texture maps
- improved handling of .tx files
- disabled the Arnold option for ‘Skip license check’
- enabled the Arnold option for ‘Auto-detect threads’
- set "verbosity level" in Arnold to ‘Errors’
- added Arnold ‘Feature overrides’ prompt for unsupported overrides
-added support for multiple assets with the same file name but different paths (mirrored assets)
-the upAxisDirection parameter is being read and adjusted accordingly on our side to match client's preferences

8/5/2017 Maya plugin v53

- Vray GI bake scenes will now use the <Layer> token to relink paths
- Added support for stacked ass.gz assets
- Added yeti license checking when reading yeti graph node, if there is no license user will be shown an error popup
- Linux support added for renderBeamer's process
- added support for sequenced Arnold Standalone Scenes (.ass, .ass.gz)
- Other minor fixes and improvements

25/11/2016 Maya plugin v52

- Disabled Arnold auto-generate TX textures on the farm as it causes issues. TX textures generated on customer side are supported now

22/11/2016 Maya plugin v51

- Improved Golem support
- The plugin will now disable Arnold's "Abort on Error" option
- Added support for Arnold alTriplanar assets

14/11/2016 Maya plugin v50

— The plugin will now disable Arnold's "Abort on Error" option as it can cause correct renders to not render

3/11/2016 Maya plugin v49

- Improved Golem support

27/10/2016 Maya plugin v48

- Added support for Golem plugin

18/9/2016    Maya plugin v47

- Improved handling of Arnold XGen Auxiliary Render Patch assets
- Minor bug fixes

16/9/2016 Maya plugin v46

- Minor bug fixes

14/9/2016 Maya plugin v44

- New render mode - Still Image (High-resolution single frame) - designed to render single frames on multiple render nodes using strip rendering
- Added support for Arnold XGen Auxiliary Render Patch assets
- Added support for Windows network paths ( starting with \\ ) longer than 250 characters
- The plugin will now overwrite Arnold image output format to "name.####.ext"
- Plugin now requires renderBeamer to be already running, Please always start renderBeamer before running Maya and mayaBeamer plugin

30/8/2016 Maya plugin v43

- Fixed Arnold jpeg extension being incorrectly recognized as jpg
- Added checking for too long ncache names causing file system issues

25/8/2016 Maya plugin v42

- Improved XGen support
- Added support for Arnold "use existing .tx textures" option
- Now .tx files will be uploaded alongside the original textures if they exist and if the option is checked

24/8/2016 Maya plugin v41

- Improved XGen support

10/8/2016 Maya plugin v40

- Added support for Maya 2017
- Improved reading render outputs

4/8/2016 Maya plugin v39

- Handled issues with project folder being set to a root of a drive
- Handled some rare issues when reading render layers
- Handled invalid output image prefix in mental ray
- Added copying xgen ABC export patches

2/7/2016 Maya plugin v35

- Added support for Maya 2016 Extension 2 SP1

14/6/2016 Maya plugin v34

- Optimized reading scene settings & mesh assets
- Reduced excessive logging for mesh mib proxy assets

12/6/2016 Maya plugin v33

- Optimized reading scene settings
- Optimized reading mesh assets

10/6/2016 Maya plugin v32

- Render mode on submit window will now default to "Render As Is" when GI primary engine is set to BruteForce
- Minor bug fixes

9/6/2016 Maya plugin v31

- Added support for Yeti 1.3x fur caches
- Improved handling of stacked assets using UDIM and UVTILE tags
- Improved reloading of the original scene after submit
- Support for Maya 2016.5 (2016 extension 2)

25/5/2016 Maya plugin v30

- Support for stacked Arnold assets using <UDIM> tags
- Optimize scene popup (Arnold scenes)
- Yeti fur caches fixes (relinks/popups)
- Other minor fixes/improvements

19/5/2016 Maya plugin v29

- Added support for vrscene asset
- Yeti fur caches that are loaded on user side will now be uploaded
- Improved handling for PhoenixFDSimulator and VRayVolumeGrid stacked assets
- Other minor fixes/improvements

8/4/2016 Maya plugin v28

- Added early support for xgen
- Added support for PhoenixFD caches (vdb, f3d, aur)
- Added support for VRMesh sequences
- Added support for "mib_ptex_lookup_x" and "xgen_ptex_lookup" asset nodes
- Alembic caches will now be uploaded to /cache/Alembic instead of /source images
- Improved gui responsiveness while copying caches
- Improved logging for meshes
- All dots "." in project and scene names will now be treated as special characters and replaced with an underscore "_"

31/3/2016 Maya plugin v27

- Fixed issue with f3d and fur sequences

8/3/2016 Maya plugin v26

- Added support for VRayVolumeGrid caches (vdb, f3d, aur) - single and sequences
- Added support for mental ray proxies (mi , gz)
- Added support for mip binary proxies (sequence of mi)
- Improved error handling when checking layers - popup with exact Maya error will be shown
- Improved GUI responsiveness when checking and copying assets

25/2/2016 Maya plugin v25

- Fixed issue with Maya giving incorrect extension for uncompressed tiff in mental ray
- Fixed issue with logs not being sent with project on OS X and Linux
- Added system specs info in logs

17/2/2016 Maya plugin v24

- Added support for duplicated references
- Added support for scenes in subdirectories of "scenes" with references

2/2/2016 Maya plugin v23

- Added image search path to yeti nodes
- Forcing CPU in vray raytracing engine
- Added support for real flow mesh assets
- Added support for real flow SD files as references
- Added support for bifrost assets

13/1/2016 Maya plugin v22

- Added support for particle caches (pdc files)
- Added support for network paths ( starting with \\exampleserver ) - paths are limited to 250 characters
- Major fixes & updates to plugin stability

3/1/2016 Maya plugin v21

- Fixed windows+python issues when copying paths with more than 255 characters
- Handled maya giving incorrect image format extension "maya" - its actually "iff", plugin will now read it as "iff”
- Disabled stacked asset checking for ncaches (ncaches have there own checking now)
- Fixed issues with ncache not being uploaded

27/12/2015 Maya plugin v20

- Added check for no renderable layers in scene
- Handled maya sometimes showing version number with _x64
- Changed submit actions order, now relinking is done after copying assets, references, this is to enable relinking some assets, that would otherwise be impossible
- Added support for ncache with no directory path set
- Added support for setting custom renderbeamer install directory via config file  "mb.cfg" (a0002757)
- Added checking for scene file being not in project/scenes. Now the plugin requires the scene to be in project/scenes
- Redone stacked assets handling, currently supported stacked assets: frame sequences, animated textures - paths with <f>, UV tiling (Maya 2015+), 0-based (Zbrush), 1-based (Mudbox), UDIM (Mari) - <UDIM>, UV tiling using $  (Maya 2014) - paths with $u $v, yeti UDIM textures

13/12/2015 Maya plugin v19

- Improved workflow for saving scenes, any errors like locked attributes are handled and will be shown to the user and close the plugin
- Reloading scene is now done after upload, its the last thing that the plugin does, so potential errors will not affect the submittion
- There is a 1 second wait time when plugin starts (possible fix to crashes)
- Improved logging for starting plugin
- Increased status label width for stupid long scene names
- Plugin now changes the workspace to a temporary one to relink the caches, it is changed back to the user workspace when plugin closes
- Added support for nCache
- Supports caches contains "xml+mc" or "xml+mcx”
- Supports both "one file per cache" and "file per frame”
- Supports caches inside and outside of project folder
- Cache that has incorrect path will be shown in asset relinker, same as other assets, it will be shown as a path to the .xml file, and can be relinked same as other assets
- Early Linux support (no installer, no auto update)
- Improved executing renderbeamer commands
- Improved threading when launching renderbeamer (should also fix crashes when launching plugin)

9/12/2015 Maya plugin v18

- Fixed Maya scene extension appearing in gi paths and other places

8/12/2015 Maya plugin v17

- Improved loading, reading and submitting scene workflow
- Improved checking workspace
- Added support for rendering scenes that are deeper in project/scenes/subdirectories/
- Added support for MR image based light assets without file
- Added handling for users unable to create submit directory
- Vray render as is will now disable all "Don't render final image" checkboxes

12/11/2015 Maya plugin v16

- Added option to ignore or delete node that has a missing asset
- Added checking for valid cameras in all layers

11/11/2015 Maya plugin v14

- Added choice popup for optimizing scene
- Added support for UV stacked frames using $u and $v variables
- Vray render as is will now always disable "Don't render final image" checkbox
- Fixed reading render layer extension when Maya does not provide extension (it is png)
- Added handling for special characters in project name or scene name, they will be replaced with _

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