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Sketchup plugin - change log

23/03/2020 - Sketchup plugin v21

- Improvements in .vrscene export. Now, when the base scene got missing assets, the parameter “Abort on Missing Assets" in exported .vrscene is set to 0. This will allow rendering plugin-exported .vrscenes with missing assets without issues

13/02/2020 - Sketchup plugin v20

- Fixed issues with scene preparation process on V-Ray versions which don’t have denoiser feature

05/02/2020 - Sketchup plugin v19

- An additional switch has been added that skips uploading the original base scene when the plugin is working with .vrscene exporter
- As a default, “upload base scene” is always off

29/01/2020 - Sketchup plugin v18

- Added prompt about Nvidia AI Denoiser usage
- Blocked .vrimg output format when using Strips rendering (in Page and Frames modes)

18/07/2019 - Sketchup plugin v17

- Added support for new renderBeamer version (v0.1000)

18/04/2019 - Sketchup plugin v16

- Fixed issue with Page animation mode rendering and GI with BF+LC setup. Now LC can be cached before rendering in all render modes

30/03/2019 - Sketchup plugin v15

- Fixed SketchUp GUI display issues
- Fixed texture warning window size
- Exported .vrscenes which contains missing assets, will now have empty paths
- Fixed issues with setting GI modes on the plugin window (Frames mode)
- Added support for the temporary directory
- Other minor fixes & improvements

13/02/2019 - Sketchup plugin v14

- Fixed issue when GI bake job also renders a frame

22/01/2019 - Sketchup plugin v13

- Added support for symbolic/hard links
- Added support for VR Scans
- Added support for SketchUp layers
- Output path length checker

20/12/2018 - Sketchup plugin v12

- Fixed irradiance map settings (in GI cache scene)
- Fixed issue with SketchUp crashes when the scene got missing assets
- Added prompt for the usage of the Camera object

18/10/2018 - Sketchup plugin v11

- New Frames render mode added with support for strips rendering with single frame input, animation rendering with a specified frame range, pre-cached GI
- Frames mode is dedicated for more advanced users which are similar to work with frames - not SketchUp pages
- Added texture checking procedure on plugin startup - now you will be informed about any missing textures & assets before opening plugin UI
- Automated calculator added to the renderBeamer menu
- Improved speed and stability
- Other minor fixes

28/06/2018 - Sketchup plugin v10

- Fixed issue with .vrproxy
- Fixed issue with uploading single page scene

13/06/2018 - Sketchup plugin v9

- Added support for non-Latin characters
- Fixed checking empty outputs and extensions paths in the render settings
- Fixed bug with checking a SunShadow setting

28/05/2018 - Sketchup plugin v8

- Hidden page animation mode for scenes with page number lower than 2
- Minor GUI fixes

23/05/2018 - Sketchup plugin v7

- Unified GUI across all platforms
- Fixed sun \ shadows support for Vray 3.4 in Page render mode
- Fixed issue with the wrong page exported (include in animation is now  automatically turned on for selected pages)
- Other minor fixes and improvements

26/03/2018 - Sketchup plugin v6

- Added support for VRay proxy assets
- Fixed issue with plugin & renderBeamer communication

11/01/2018 - Sketchup plugin v5

- Plugin got new GUI now - both modes are separated into tabs
- Overall improvements to plugin speed and stability

29/12/2017 - Sketchup plugin v4

- Page render mode is expanded now - we have added support for all available GI solutions with all combinations (IR, LC, BR)
- Added checker for the installed VRay renderer. The plugin won't work if VRay is not installed & added to Sketchup

21/11/2017 - Sketchup plugin v3

- Added support for Sketchup 2018
- Added support for Vray 3.6
- Fixed buckets settings - now bucket size is automatically scalled depending on rendering resolution (1080p and lower - 8x8 / 1080p to 4k - 16x16 / 4k to 8k - 32x32 / 8k and higher - 64x64)

14/11/2017 - Sketchup plugin v2

- Sketchup plugin got a major revamp. Now you have two modes to select: Pages rendering and Pages animation
- Pages rendering - it is designed for still shots rendering. It works both as a single and multi-page render
- Pages rendering uses strips that are rendered on multiple machines. It means that each page is rendered as a strip on a single machine
- Pages animation - it is designed for animation rendering. You can select a start and ending page of an animation. Each page frame is rendered on a single machine
- Added support for render elements outputs (in both modes)
- Added support for scalable animation time (with Pages animation mode)

30/7/2017 - Sketchup plugin v1

- Support for Sketchup 2017+ and VRay 3.4 (for other versions please contact us)
- The plugin works as a .vrscene exporter


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