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renderBeamer - change log

28/03/2021 renderBeamer - v1.300

- Added support for additional plugin versions. Now user can select older or newer (beta) version directly from the plugins tab
- Added new tab - setup. In the future, scenes and projects will be prepared directly in renderBeamer instead of 3d app
- Runtime updated to JDK16
- Improved launch time
- Fixed checking empty temp directory
- Other minor fixes and improvements
- This update requires a new installer from the website

23/03/2021 renderBeamer - v1.203

- Improved temporary folder functionality. The new-current renderBeamer version requires a temporary folder to function properly. This folder is used for preparing and sending files. After the upload process is completed, the folder will be emptied. The temporary folder path settings can be changed in the main renderBeamer settings.
- Fixed plugins installation issues on macOS Big Sur

12/03/2021 renderBeamer - v1.202

- We added a new help tool - guides & video table. It’s available directly in the renderBeamer “Plugins” tab. From here users can access our online text guides and youtube videos
- Help resources will be developed, so expect more guides & videos for our plugins and farm workflow
- renderBeamer installer is now officially certified for macOS. New installers will be released today
- Fixed issues with the “open directory” function on macOS
- Fixed issues with missing icon on macOS
- Other minor fixes and improvements

16/11/2020 renderBeamer - v1.201

- Added exit confirmation prompt when renderBeamer is working in the background
- GUI adjustments
- Under the hood improvements

23/10/2020 renderBeamer - v1.200

- Added custom script support to auto-submit
- Added strips handling for Cinema4D auto-submit
- Fixed Arnold license checking in auto-submit
- Runtime updated to JDK15
- Other minor fixes and improvements
- This update requires a new installer from the website

15/09/2020 renderBeamer - v1.104

- Added option to choose download directories. Now users can use the global render beamer download directory or directory selected in the scene. To use the new feature we have added the “use scene download path” switch in renderBeamer settings
- Added take and camera mode for Cinema4D auto-submit
- Improved plugin TEMP directory choosing
- Improved Korean language fonts and translations
- Other minor fixes and improvements

24/08/2020 renderBeamer - v1.103

- Added support for the Korean language

07/08/2020 renderBeamer - v1.102

- Added drag selection for upload, download, log entries (select an entry and drag the mouse to select multiple)
- Added "show hidden" button in the downloads panel
- Saving "show hidden" button state after application restart
- Added download progress info for downloading plugins
- The fixed non-clickable area below the disclosure node
- Fixed CPU usage after minimizing plugins tab
- Improved log panel performance

24/07/2020 renderBeamer - v1.101

- Auto submit for Modo will now only submit active render passes

14/07/2020 renderBeamer v1.100

- Added option to hide render outputs in the downloads tab. When a job is hidden, it won't be listed and downloaded along with other jobs. Also, it will be skipped while running frames auto-download feature. Jobs can be easily hidden/unhidden under the RMB options menu
- Added memory limit setting
- Added checking for minimal required plugin version
- Improved plugins installer download speed and installation process
- Improved update order
- Improved download performance for many small files
- Improved concurrency and thread management
- GUI performance and responsiveness optimizations
- The new native executable for Windows. Now renderBeamer can be pinned to Windows taskbar
- Changed versioning scheme to 3 decimal places
- Runtime updated to JDK14
- Other minor fixes and improvements

25/06/2020 renderBeamer v1.0009

- Under the hood improvements
- Added experimental upload to Xesktop

23/06/2020 renderBeamer v1.0008

- Added auto-submit for Modo

04/06/2020 renderBeamer v1.0007

- We have added a new plugin to our farm - V-Ray scene
- After installing the plugin, just use the right mouse button on the exported .vrscene file
- The plugin will take care of the scene preparation process, relinking the assets and preparing a scene for farm rendering

21/05/2020 renderBeamer v1.0006

- Fixed an issue with special characters encoding in filenames on macOS

19/05/2020 renderBeamer v1.0005

- Updated Web Manager host

05/05/2020 renderBeamer v1.0004

- Improved selection model for download tab. Now user can select files to download with similar way as in any file browser apps (selecting files with ctrl/cmd, multi-selection with shift and so on)
- Added auto submit for Terragen
- Added auto-submit "add as paused" option
- Fixed Roboto font issue
- Changed update order

30/03/2020 renderBeamer v1.0003

- Added "submit using Web Manager" option in the uploads context menu
- Added support for starting multiple downloads by selecting them on Web Manager
- Added auto-submit for 3D Studio Max and Maya
- Improved unselecting download items
- Authentication file for offline mode

14/03/2020 renderBeamer v1.0002

- Lots of under the hood improvements

05/03/2020 renderBeamer v1.0001

- Added support for starting downloads directly from WebManager. To do this, just use RMB on the rendered job and use “Open Jon in renderBeamer”. The selected download will be automatically redirected from WebManager to renderBeamer downloads tab.
- The Auto-submit feature is now expanded. Users can set default priority and render nodes groups for auto-submit jobs. To do that, just open renderBeamer settings and use the “Edit” option next to the auto-submit switch.
- A new UI task has been completed. New changes in renderBeamer's UI include: downloads are sorted by columns, each column can be sorted in ascending/descending order, new date column in downloads, option to launch renderBeamer on every system startup (Windows, Mac), option to choose action on renderBeamer window close (minimize to tray or close application), new button (folder icon) to open downloads directories, download preferences window (default download directory) will now appear after first application start
- Fixed logging into chat without "remember me" option
- Other under the hood improvements
- This is a minimal version to get all new features supported! We strongly recommend to uninstall the current version and download the new installer from WebManager

20/12/2019 renderBeamer v1.0000

- New GUI - now renderBeamer is separated into tabs
- The download process can be done only for specified jobs or frames. Just use RMB on render output -> list files and use download on the specified file
- Canceling download process can also be done on a single file
- Finished uploads will now remain on the upload list
- 3d apps plugins installers can now be downloaded and installed in parallel at the same time
- Handled Icon\r system file on OSX causing uploads to fail, this file will be omitted now
- Updated runtime
- Other minor fixes and improvements
- This is now the minimum required version to connect to the server, this version can not be updated to, it is only available in the new installer

28/11/2019 renderBeamer v0.1009

- Added uninstall option for individual plugins
- Improvements to plugin installation
- This is now the minimum required version to connect to the server

25/10/2019 renderBeamer v0.1008

- Fixed an OSX issue where renderBeamer could download the same frame multiple times on certain file systems like HFS+
- This is now the minimum required version to connect to the server.

06/10/2019 renderBeamer v0.1007

- Increased download speed for single files by using multiple connections
- Reduced protocol overhead for downloading single files
- Improved file comparison for downloads
- Improved auto-adjust connection threads algorithm
- Other minor fixes and improvements

26/09/2019 renderBeamer v0.1006

- Fixed offline project directory not being created with "offline mode" enabled and "do not upload" disabled. Now the directory will be created if either of the options is enabled.
- Fixed an issue where manual download (right mouse button on render output list) could sometimes select no output and attempt to download all files.

12/08/2019 renderBeamer v0.1002/v0.1003/v0.1004/v0.1005

- Open Sans font will be used for all text to avoid potential issues with default system fonts
- Added auto submit for Cinema4D, V-Ray Standalone, After Effects, VUE, LightWave3D
- Improved scene versioning
- Added tray notification after job auto-submit
- Information popup after switching on auto-submit in settings

31/07/2019 renderBeamer v0.1001

- A new feature introduced - auto-submit!
- Now your scenes can be automatically added to rendering without using job submission procedure
- 3D apps supported - Blender

18/07/2019 renderBeamer v0.1000

- There are no separate installers for each 3d app anymore. Plugins are now selected and installed directly from renderBeamer GUI (plugins button)
- Plugin installation window shows up after the first login to renderBeamer
- If you experience problems with network connection or the plugin's installation fails, you need to turn on the “offline mode” switch in renderBeamer settings. Next, open plugins window and just install your desired 3d app plugin. Once the installation is done, turn the “offline mode” off again
- The main window can now be maximized and resized
- New Java runtime
- renderBeamer uninstaller also removes all connected files (plugins/scripts/and so on)
- Other minor fixes and improvements
- This is now the minimum required version to connect to the server. That means it is not possible to update the previous version to this version, it is required to download and run the new installer from the website

02/04/2019 renderBeamer v0.0078

- Added estimated upload time.
- Added a checkbox to disable the "plugin temp directory" feature.

13/03/2019 renderBeamer v0.0077

- New feature: "plugin temp directory" - allows setting the directory that will be used by the plugins to prepare scenes. Previously the directory in which the project was located was used, this old behavior will remain if no "plugin temp directory" is set.
- Multiple upload tasks in the queue will now be persisted between renderBeamer application executions.

27/02/2019 renderBeamer v0.0076

- An auto download can now be set separately for each render job output
- Executing renderBeamer once it is already running will now bring the app window to front.

14/02/2019 renderBeamer v0.0075

- An alternative main connection port setting has been changed to alternative connection ports. It now also sets a download port to an alternative (50443) instead of regular (443).
- Added alternative download to connection tester.

24/01/2019 renderBeamer v0.0074

- New feature - auto adjust upload and download threads, this option can be disabled in settings, default is on
- Handled renderBeamer not running on OS that does not support system tray (Ubuntu 18+, etc)
- Other minor improvements

13/01/2019 renderBeamer v0.0072/v0.0073

- All connections are now using hostnames instead of IPs
- Excluded "desktop.ini" file from uploads as it was causing issues

08/11/2018 renderBeamer v0.0071

- Added warning popups for using "add file/directory" options

06/09/2018 renderBeamer v0.0070

- Added support for uploading symbolic links
- Improved handling of disconnected mapped network drives on Windows (upload will try to use full UNC network path if available)
- Other minor fixes and improvements

18/07/2018 renderBeamer v0.0069

- Added an option to choose if conflicting files (same file name and path but different size or md5) should be overwritten on the server or not when doing a project update upload
- Improved extracting performance for uploads with multiple files
- Disabled canceling upload in extracting or verifying stage
- Increased upload progress value precision and added progress measurement for compression is finished and remaining parts are still uploading 80-90%, upload is extracting on server side 90-95%,
upload is being verified on server 95-100%
- Improved plugin installer execution checking on Windows
- Many other minor fixes and improvements
- This is now the minimum required version to connect to the server

14/06/2018 renderBeamer v0.0068/v0.0067/v0.0066/v0.0065/v0.0064/v0.0063/earlier versions

- Improvements to sending logs
- Added an alternative port option for main connection (in the settings panel and connection test panel) - this is to fix connection issues with some 3rd party security software incorrectly blocking beamer main connection
- Fixed issues with sending logs
- List of render outputs will now be sorted alphabetically
- Removed; sign from the list on invalid characters in paths for upload
- Added checking for illegal filesystem characters (like : < > * ?) in user paths
- Improved buffering on all connections
- Other minor improvements


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