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How to install GarageFarm plugin for Blender
  1. Please install renderBeamer with plugin from Web Manager

  2. Launch Blender and open User Preferences (shortcut Ctrl+Alt+U)

  3. Open Add-ons tab in User Preferences and search for renderbeamer plugin on add-ons list

  4. Switch on renderbeamer plugin by ticking field on right side of the window
    FluxBB bbcode Blender User Preferences

    1. If plugin will not be on the list then please check if it is on the specified path:

      • Windows: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\BlenderVersion\scripts\addons

      • OSX: /Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Blender/BlenderVersion/scripts/addons

    2. If plugin will not be at above path please try to reinstall renderBeamer and if it will not help then please contact with our support

  5. Please upload your scene on GarageFarm through Render -> renderbeamer -> Beam it up
    FluxBB bbcode Upload

Rendering on GPU server - tile size

To utilize power of all 8 GPU cards tile size should be set reasonably, please use the following formula as guideline:

  • horizontal resolution (X) divided by 8 and verical resolution (Y) divided by 8 for average frame resolution

If tile size will be higher than 400-500 on X or Y divide it by 2 or more so final render tile size shall be between 150-500. Small tile size are good for CPU rendering, GPU rendering needs slightly bigger size. GPU tile size doesn't have to be power of 2 unlike to CPU rendering.

Too low size will increase render time, too big will not utilize all 8 gpu cards and will also increase render time. Tiles should be evenly distributed in a frame.

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