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Red Giant plugin support - CPU and GPU plugins.

On GarageFarm.NET we support the whole Red Giant plugins suite.

Across the entire range of Red Giant plugins, some of them require a GPU present in the render node in order to work.  The rest that are CPU only, do not require a physical GPU present in the machine.

Since our nodes don’t have physical GPU cards, the plugins which require GPU won’t work in our CPU network rendering system. However, you can render them on our GPU servers.

CPU  plugins – You can render them with our automated After Effects CPU rendering system. AE plugin workflow  - After Effects CPU rendering
GPU plugins – You can render them on our GPU servers. GarageFarm.NET GPU rendering For more information about the service please ask us on our 24/7 Webchat.
GPU & CPU (switchable) – By default they work with GPU cards, but if such are not available, they revert to CPU rendering. We recommend rendering with those plugins on or CPU network.

Magic Bullet Suite
Looks                  GPU 
DeNoiser                        CPU
Colorista             GPU
Cosmo2                         CPU
Mojo2                 GPU
Film                    GPU
ReNoiser             GPU       

Trapcode Suite
Particular             GPU & CPU (switchable)
Form                   GPU & CPU (switchable)
Mir                     GPU
Stroke                           CPU   
Shine                            CPU 
Starglow                        CPU
Sound Keys                   CPU 
TAO                    GPU
Lux                               CPU
Echo Space                    CPU         
Horizon                         CPU           

All 79 plugins       GPU       

Shooter / Keying / Effects
All plugins                     CPU         

This list is subject to change in forthcoming releases of the software as a lot of the plugins are being re-written to work with GPU rendering.

For more details about the support of Efter Effects, please contact us on our 24/7 Webchat.

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