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Web Manager - READ FIRST

Opening new account

Click on the big 'Register' button on our homepage to create an account. You will receive an activation email.
Remember you have to activate your account to gain access to Web Manager.

GarageFarm.NET Web Manager in a nutshell

It's a web-based interface where you can manage your projects after they have been uploaded through our plugins and Uploader.

What can you do with it:
1. View uploaded projects
2. Submit scenes to render
3. Watch progress in real time
4. Manage jobs that are rendered
5. Frames will automatically download as they complete rendering as long as the GF.NET Uploader is running on your desktop


Post any issues you experience and have experienced with the GF.NET Web Manager. Please provide following info when posting in this thread:
1. Web browser and its version
2. 3D software you use
3. Issue description with attached screenshot
4. Give the post an appropriate title 'BUG: [short description]'
REMEMBER: Post each issue as a new post


Suggestions and feature requests are all welcome as long as they are constructive and based on solid reasoning.
1. Keep the feedback and features requests restricted to Web Manager only
2. Give the thread an appropriate title 'FEATURE: [short description]'
3. Attach a screenshot or a simple mockup sketch
REMEMBER: Each idea should have it's own post to allow for better readability and clarity

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