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What's this forum - READ FIRST

What is this forum about

In many ways this forum is just like any other 3D software or 3D industry related forum. We talk about differences between different 3D software and share tips on how to get better at them.
Feel free to discuss everything from customers to textures, from lightcash to methods of animation. Of course, forum is also for helping each other, so if you need help of our staff, we or other forum members surely will come with a helping hand.

Forum guidelines

1. Language - we use ONLY  ENGLISH
2. We do not want to see any advertising, betting, or trading here
3. Do not spam, anyone who start spamming will be warned and likely banned
4. Rudeness, racism, discrimination will not be tolerated
5. Search the forum before posting a new topic. Likely, there is already a conversation covering your topic
6. Do not create multiple accounts for a single user - such accounts will be terminated (all of them)

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