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How to prepare a 3ds Max scene for rendering

When rendering, it is pretty normal that something goes wrong, but if you follow these simple rules you increase your odds of avoiding issues by quite a margin.

  • Scene file -  should be saved in .max format - version from 2014 to 2017

  • XRefs - we do support them, however there can be issues with xrefs and network rendering so we reccomend to merge all xrefs into main scene

  • Project folder - should be used - if not, its good to make  \Assets\ folder, and relink all textures, vrmeshes and other assets there.

  • There should be no missing assets in the scene. Every missing asset will increase job render time and can cause problems with rendering. If there are some assets which have "missing" status in 3DMax asset tracking, and can be ignored during rendering process, please delete paths to them or just use "ignore missing" option when using plugin

  • Animated textures & animation files (avi/mp4/etc) are not good option for animated textures, also .mov files cannot be used. Please make frame sequence (jpg\png or so) and connect as image sequence. You can use ".ifl" sequence in 3DMax

  • GI setup - should be prepared for multi - machines rendering in. If you are not sure about GI setup please check our youtube tutorials or contact us

  • Plugins - we are supporting quite a lot of 3ds Max plugins, however if you are using some untypical add-on, we may need some time to run test with the plugin & our network rendering system.

  • Outputs - need to be configured with same way as rendering on your local machine. This include 3dmax main output, VRay frame buffer, VRay RAW image, Corona & Mental Ray outputs and render elements

  • Switches - Distributed rendering, Low thread priority, Render region - should be off

  • Multiple cameras in one scene - are supported

  • Scene name, output paths should not contain any untypical characters like / \ " % # ? or any similar to that one. If yours scene contains such signs they will be changed to "_" (also outputs paths!)

Remember that we are here to help you so if you are not sure about something just ask us!

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