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Supported features

Global features:
  • Rendering with 3DMax versions from 2012 to 2016 (including all service packs & add-ons) / cloud & classic

  • Rendering with engines - internal 3DMax, VRay & MentalRay, Corona, Octane / cloud & classic

  • Rendering frame sequences, single frames, ranges, selected frames, minus frame ranges / cloud & classic

  • Rendering with customer gamma correction setups & gamma override for outputs / cloud & classic

  • Checker for plugins used in scene & compatibility with render farm / cloud

  • Support for various caches (like realflow cache, point cache etc) / cloud & classic

  • Support for non latin characters - as well in scene names & assets / cloud & classic

  • Support for all 3DMax external assets like XRefs, vrmeshes, proxies, textures, GI maps etc / cloud & classic

  • Full integrated assets relinker (based on 3DMax asset tracker)/ cloud & classic

  • Full automated integration - scene versioning, assets checking (after upload), scene checking / cloud

  • External plugins - we are supporting a lot of plugins, but if you need custom setup just contact with us

Rendering & GI:
  • Rendering scenes with multiple GI setups (Irradiance map, Light cache, Brute force, Final Gather, Photon maps, UHD Cache, HD Cache, Path tracing) / cloud & classic

  • Rendering using distributed techniques for every kind of scene / cloud & classic

  • Support for 3D stereo cameras / cloud & classic

  • GI caching in modes set for full animated scenes, camera animated scenes, still shots - everything on multiple machines / cloud & classic

  • Presets & plugin setups for full animated scenes, camera animated, still shots, brute force scenes (including additional switches like camera paths for Irradiance maps & Light caches, baking steps & density, dynamic memory limits, bucket size) / cloud.

  • All avaliable external outputs - 3DMax main output, VRay frame buffer, VRay Raw image (multilayer EXRs), render elements, corona buffers - all non-animated formats  / cloud & classic

  • Saving all outputs with customer setups (like TIFs bit depth, custom EXRs setups)  / cloud & classic

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