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Supported features MayaBeamer plugin version 51 BETA

  • Supported Maya versions from 2014 to 2017 (including all service packs & maya extensions)

  • Support for both binary (mb) and ASCII (ma) scenes

  • Support for assets inside and outside project directory

  • Support for referenced scenes

  • Full automated integration - server scene versioning, scene checking, asset checking, integrated relinker

Operating systems:
  • Windows versions: 7, 8, 10
    - Installer with RenderBeamer, plugin autoupdate

  • Mac OSX
    - Installer with RenderBeamer, plugin autoupdate

  • Linux
    - no installer, no autoupdate - talk with support to get binary distribution of the plugin

Render Engines:
  • Arnold
    - supported render As Is
    - supported Still Image (High resolution single frame)

  • MentalRay
    - supported render As Is
    - supported Still Image (High resolution single frame)

  • V-Ray - versions: 2.4 and 3.x
    - supported render As Is (Using GI settings from scene), you can use this if you have set your GI to brute force, or the render does not need GI at all
    - supported Bake Camera Animation (GI caching for scenes where only camera is moving)
    - supported Bake Full Animation (GI caching for scenes where objects, lights, camera are moving)
    - supported Still Image (High resolution single frame), GI will be set to brute force

  • XGen
    - XGen is supported for V-Ray and Arnold renderers.
    - ABC file needs to be exported by using XGen option: Collection -> File -> Export patches for batch render.
    - XGen assets are supported with one restriction that they all need to be in the standard xgen directory in your workspace.
    example: if your workspace is "C:/maya/project" and your scenes are in "C:/maya/project/scenes", then all XGen assets should be in "C:/maya/project/xgen"
    - Arnold ABC patches using Auxiliary Render Patch( … enderPatch) are supported.

  • BiFrost
    Maya 2015:
    - supported liquidcache
    - supported liquidcache, solidcache, foamcache, aerocache

  • RealFlow
    - supported RealflowMesh asset (using bin files)
    - supported sd files as scene references

  • Golaem Crowd - version 5.X
    - supported character assets (*.gcha) with geometry assets (*.fbx , *.gcg , etc)
    - supported motion assets (*.gmo)
    - supported simulation caches (*.caa , *.gscs , *.gscf)
    - supported simulation layout assets (*.gscl)

  • Yeti - version 1.3 and 2.X
    - caching:
    ".fur" caches are supported
    if user has caches loaded on his side (Input Mode set to Cache), those caches will be uploaded to farm and used in render (they should be in *.%04d.fur file name format)
    if user does not have caches loaded (Input Mode set to None), the caches will be done on farm

    - supported YetiGraph Textures using <UDIM> tags,  when yeti graph nodes are set in referenced scenes, the scene needs to be merged (using Maya - Import objects from Reference) … -p/4291349


List of supported assets using Maya node type:

  • file

  • mentalrayTexture

  • mentalrayIblShape

  • mentalrayLightProfile

  • AlembicNode

  • mib_ptex_lookup

  • mib_ptex_lookup_x

  • substance

  • imagePlane

  • mesh

  • mip_binaryproxy

  • aiStandIn

  • aiImage

  • aiPhotometricLight

  • alTriplanar

  • ExocortexAlembicFile

  • VRScene

  • VRayMesh

  • VRayLightIESShape

  • VRayPtex

  • VRayMtlOSL

  • VRayTexOSL

  • VRayTexOCIO

  • VRaySimbiont

  • VRayVolumeGrid

  • hlslShader

  • cacheFile

  • dynGlobals

  • RealflowMesh

  • bifrostContainer

  • xgen_ptex_lookup

  • xgmDescription


Stacked Assets:

  • frame sequences, animated textures - paths with <f>

  • UV tiling using $  (Maya 2014) - paths with $u $v

  • UV tiling (Maya 2015+) same as described here: … B-htm.html
    UV tiling 0-based (Zbrush) - paths with u<u>_v<v>
    UV tiling 1-based (Mudbox) - paths with u<U>_v<V>
    UV tiling UDIM (Mari) - paths with <UDIM>

  • Arnold stacked assets (aiStandIn , aiImage) - paths with <UDIM> or <UVTILE>

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