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How to report Bugs & Features


Post any issues you have experienced with the GF.NET renderBeamer app. Please provide following info when posting in this thread:
1. Your OS
2. Version of the installer you have downloaded and installed
3. Version of the renderBeamer app
4. Issue description along with a screenshot whenever possible
5. Give the topic an appropriate title 'BUG: [short description]'

REMEMBER: Post each issue as a new post


Suggestions and feature requests are all welcome as long as they are constructive and based on solid reasoning.
1. Keep the feedback restricted to renderBeamer only
2. Give the topic an appropriate title 'FEATURE: [short description]' or 'FEEDBACK: [short description]'
3. Attach a screenshot or a simple mockup sketch whenever possible
REMEMBER: Each idea should have it's own post to allow for better readability and clarity

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