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Preparing a Modo scene for rendering

Please follow these simple rules and increase your odds of avoiding issues by quite a margin

  • Scene file - should be saved in .lxo format using Modo 901 to newest one (all "sp" versions are supported)

  • Our automation plugins work`s from 901 version, however, if you are using the older one we can also render it. Just contact us for more details

  • XRefs & additional objects - should be merged into one scene file

  • Textures - all textures should be copied do \imported_images\ folder is scene project directory. Also, all links to files should be localized to this path. Animation files (avi/mp4/etc) are not a good option for animated textures, also .mov files cannot be used. Please make frame sequence (jpg\png or so) and connect as an image sequence. If scene is using Modo default textures - please provide them too

  • GI (Irradiance) - please make sure that your GI doesn't need to be cached. Modo got very good GI engine, however when rendering still shots with our distributed strips technique we recommend to cache GI and upload scene with .lxi file connected

  • Render range should be prepared for rendering

  • Render layers & output - should be prepared with same way as when rendering on local machine

  • Render region - if not used - should be off

  • Render passes - are supported. Please configure them with same way as when rendering on local machine

  • Output pattern - does not have meaning. We will redirect all output paths to \Scene_name-Renders\Renderlayername\

  • Scene name, output paths should not contain any untypical characters like / \ " % # ? or any similar to

Remember that we are here to help you, so if you are not sure about something just ask us

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