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Issues accessing files on network drives (Windows)

RenderBeamer and our plugins do support projects with files on network drives.

The easiest way to check if renderBeamer properly detects the network drive is to choose 'add file' in renderBeamer interface, and check if your network drive is visible in the file selector window.

However, in some rare cases, there can be issues with RenderBeamer not getting the access to those files by Windows.
In that case, it will show a popup with error: "Could not access files on drive: X: This may be caused by disconnected network drive or permission issues. Retrying to access drive..."

This can be caused by two things:

  • permission issues -  meaning that the system user that is running RenderBeamer does not have access permissions to that network drive.

    Solution: Please make sure that the system user you are using has the proper access permissions and it is the same user that starts RenderBeamer and it is the same user that mapped the network drive.

  • disconnected drive - Windows sometimes "disconnects" the network drive for whatever reason, this maybe the case even if you see the drive as being connected, and actually you maybe able to access directories inside of it, however, Windows can report to RenderBeamer that drive is not connected and not give access to the files.

    Solution: Please remap the drive again - If it is connected right click the drive and select "Disconnect" , then use "Map network drive" as you would normally do to map the drive, more info here: … work-drive

You can also use direct network path to your files on network drive, for example by using IP address to the network drive or it's network name.

After the drive is mapped again you can restart RenderBeamer and try again.

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