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How can I upload my project without using renderBeamer?

Do I always need to use renderBeamer?

First of all, we have prepared a video tutorial on our Youtube channel which presents this topic:

It's not necessary to use renderBeamer to upload your project, but we strongly recommend using it.

There are several important advantages:

  • the whole scene package prepared by our plugin is automatically uploaded, extracted and ready to be submitted to rendering

  • only new or modified assets are uploaded - same files that are already on the farm will be omitted when you are uploading another scene version or new scene inside the same project directory

  • rendered and ready frames are automatically downloaded back to your PC (if auto download option is turned on), so you don't have to take any extra steps to get them

  • your files are uploaded/downloaded a lot faster compared to FTP because of the multiple connection threads and native compression used

If renderBeamer is working for you just fine, please always use it. In case of issues with internet connection, please check out this guide first "How to test my connection with the farm servers"

The connection isn't working well

a) I'm able to log into renderBeamer

We have prepared a special option which allows you to use our self-service tools without using our renderBeamer app for the upload/download process.

How to turn it on:
Basically, our software will prepare a zip package of a new directory containing your scene and all the assets used in the scene. The scene prepared by our plugin will be ready for cloud based rendering with fully automated workflow.

Once the option is turned on, please open your 3D software, find our plugin and launch it. renderBeamer will then ask you if you want to prepare a zip package or just gather all files in a separate directory:

The prepared scene package with all the assets will be located next to your scene file. Just upload the package to our farm using any FTP client. Please follow this guide "How to connect to our FTP server".

Next step is to unpack the scene archive in Web Manager. Please find your scene archive under projects tab and right click on it and choose unpack:

... or if you have chosen to not create a zip file, then just upload the entire directory that was prepared by our plugin and follow the same steps as above but omitting the unpacking part. You can also upload any single files or only new/modified files when skipping the zipping process (NOTE: your FTP client should have an option to upload only files with different size or new files to skip all identical files already present on the farm server).

After that just open your scene directory in Web Manager and submit the render job by left clicking on the scene file.

b) I'm UNABLE to log into renderBeamer

Unfortunately, if you can't log in to renderBeamer due to being offline or having blocked out outgoing ports, you won't be able to use our self-service tools, but we can still render your scenes.
Please upload your whole project manually using, for example, a FTP client, and we will prepare the scene for rendering on our side.

Read more about the manual workflow here .


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