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Modo plugin - change log

05/02/2020 Modo plugin v40

- An additional switch has been added that skips uploading the original base scene when the plugin is working with .vrscene exporter.
- As a default, “upload base scene” is always off

30/11/2019 Modo plugin v39

- Added installed plugin list in .gfs
- Improvement in plugin GUI

12/09/2019 Modo plugin v38

- Improved reading V-Ray version (4+)
- Added PNG16 extension for V-Ray renderer
- Added support for .vdb  assets (cache) in V-Ray Volume Grid
- Fixed issue with incorrect linked GI (Light Cache) files in V-Ray
- Fixed issue with incorrect workflow for UDMI assets with V-Ray renderer
- Fixed issues with [NULL] and spaces signs in exported V-Ray (.vrscene) files

18/07/2019 Modo plugin v37

- Added support for new renderBeamer version (v0.1000)

19/04/2019 Modo plugin v36

- Added support for the temporary directory
- VRay scenes with missing textures now got empty paths string

30/01/2019 Modo plugin v35

- Added output path length checker
- Added support for VR Scans
- Added support for OSL shaders-assets

07/01/2019 Modo plugin v34

- Added support for symbolic/hard links for assets in scenes using V-Ray - reduces the duration of scene preparation and disk usage
- Added warning when using "Denoiser NVIDIA Optix"  (not supported)

15/11/2018 Modo plugin v33

- Fixes for coping assets procedures

13/11/2018 Modo plugin v32

- Added support symlink/hard workflow (coping assets while preparing the scene for renderBeamer upload). This feature reduces the duration of scene preparation time and disk usage
- Fixed issue when the scene is directly on root disk (like C:\myscene.lxo)
- Fixed issue when temp scene stays in modo

15/10/2018 Modo plugin v31

- Fixed Render Cost Calculator on macOS
- Fixed "frame range" setting causing Modo to render wrong frames

03/10/2018 Modo plugin v30

- Fixed assets relinking with image sequences
- Added support UDIMs with a dot in the name
- Added support non-latin characters (scene names, output paths, assets and so on)
- Added Cost Calculator in the renderBeamer menu - now you can calculate scene cost with forwarded CPU info
- Reorder of checking procedures in plugins workflow - now plugin checks everything on startup procedure
- Other minor fixes and improvements

19/07/2018 Modo plugin v29

- Added prompt about default GI saving options (VRay). As a default, modo plugin does not allow to save GI maps with “Render as is” mode

27/06/2018 Modo plugin v28

- Added support for render passes in V-Ray.
- Added support for bake GI in V-Ray - Full Animation and Camera Animation modes added.
- Added support for bake GI in V-Ray with still mode.
- Added popup warning for a disabled alpha layer.

26/06/2018 Modo 12.1 

- Added support for Modo 12.1

10/04/2018 Modo plugin v27

- Improved crash logs data information

05/04/2018 Modo plugin v26

- Blocked scene uploading process with any kind of missing assets

16/01/2018 Modo plugin v25

- Fixed reference .abc assets handling

28/11/2017 Modo plugin v24

- Fixes in plugin stability

23/11/2017 Modo plugin v23

- Added support for VRay referenced scenes
- Added support locked item (textures)

11/9/2017 Modo plugin v22

- Added support for .vismat assets

19/7/2017 Modo plugin v21

- Extended support for VRay standalone renderer
- Added format selection for VRay standalone
- Added strip mode for VRay standalone (for high resolution still shots)

23/5/2017 Modo plugin v20

- Support for Vray render engine. Now you can export Modo scene to Vray-standalone (.vrscene) and render it on our farm
- All Modo+Vray features included - pre-cached GI, render elements and much more"

11/8/2016 Modo plugin v18

- Network drives support has been added
- Fixes for long paths in scene name & assets (more than 100 signs)
- Major fixes to plugin stability & usage

18/7/2016 Modo plugin v17

- Support for pre-cached GI (.LXI) maps
- Support for group-hidden render outputs
- Auto-save for Irradiance Caching is off now
- Fixes for plugin stability

1/6/2016 Modo plugin v16

- Support for emReader cached files
- Other minor fixes/improvements
- Fixed additional paths in the installer (Win/OSX)
- Fixed. sign to _
- Fixed .gfs (setting file used for Web Manager) encoding
- Add plugin log
- Update renderBeamer
- Added support for layered images outputs
- Added support Alembic Files (ABC caches)

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