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Blender 2.79


I have created an animation in Blender 2.79 (the currently available release candidate) and have extensively used the new principled shader. Is 2.79 supported on GarageFarm.Net yet, or do I need to wait until it has been officially released before I can render my scene?



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Re: Blender 2.79

Hi Andrew,

As you probably know, currently the latest unofficial Blender 2.79 version is the Release Candidate 2. We have it on our farm, it's available for you, but you have to manually choose it in job submit window in Web Manager. There's also available RC1 so please pick up the version that you are currently using.

We will add the official 2.79 as soon it will be released. If you need any other version please contact us we can add any other version that you may need smile

If you have other questions, you may keep posting here on our forum or you may contact our support via email, Skype, or live chat: We are available 24/7

Happy Rendering!


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