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3ds Max plugin - change log

15/04/2020 3ds Max plugin v119

- Added support for Redshift renderer! Now you can render 3ds Max + Redshift scenes on our farm!
- Redshift support also includes AOVs outputs
- Redshift Altus denoiser systems are blocked. Only OptiX denoiser is supported
- Added support for 3ds Max 2021
- Fixed issue with & sign used in camera names. Now & sign is changed to _ sign
- Improved functionality for Corona+Strips rendering. Now strips usage got more detailed info and better setup switches

30/03/2020 3ds Max plugin v118

- Fixed issues with reading used plugins in .max scenes (including Forest Pack/RailClone)
- Plugins used un x-refs scenes are also included in checking & gfs listing process

18/03/2020 3ds Max plugin v117

- Fixed issues with removed V-Ray output extensions. The issue existed if “remove missing assets” option were used
- Fixed issue with reloading the wrong scene. The issue existed in some cases when  plugin workflow was canceled
- Fixed issue with .vrimg extension causing render to fail
- Improvements in .vrscene export. Now, when base 3ds Max scene got missing assets, and its exported & rendered as .vrscene, the parameter “Abort on Missing Assets" in exported .vrscene is set to 0. This will allow rendering plugin-exported .vrscenes with missing assets without issues
- Improvements in reading external plugin versions - Forestpack and RailClone
- Improvements with errors reading & prompt information for Anima plugin issues
- Other minor fixes & improvements

12/02/2020 3ds Max plugin v116

- Bucket rendering sequence has been changed to checker for all V-Ray modes

03/02/2020 3ds Max plugin v115

- Improvements with handling MD5 name changing procedure & assets relinking - now all MD5 renamed assets should have correct links in 3ds Max asset tracker.
- Assets names with special characters like [email protected]#$%^&()+  will not be changed to MD5

30/12/2019 3ds Max plugin v114

- Added warning about render region usage in Corona Frame Buffer
- Fixed support for Liquid simulation cache links
- Added plugin log info about issues with copying anipack

16/12/2019 3ds Max plugin v113

- Fixed issue with 3d Max plugin list configuration file (.csv). Now checking user-farm scene used plugins work fine with 3ds Max 2020 version
- Fixed issues with plugin scripts crash and startup issues for 3ds Max 2017 in Full animation mode, 3ds Max 2017 with V-Ray 4+ and 3ds Max 2021.1
- A fixed missing version of PhoenixFD plugin in .gfs
- Fixed issue with detecting & copying PhoenixFD grid cache
- Fixed issue with missing Corona versions in .gfs
- Fixed issues with relinking proxies assets saved without proper extension (.vrmesh)
- Fixed issues with  .vrimg output format. Not .vrimg is blocked in Still image (strips) mode and allowed in all animation modes

30/10/2019 3ds Max plugin v112

- Fixed issues with uploading & relinking FumeFX 5 caches
- Fixed issues with uploading & relinking SiNi proxies assets
- Added support for LUT files linked in V-Ray frame buffer

25/09/2019 3ds Max plugin v111

- Fixed issue relinking LUT file from custom location (Corona)
- Fixed issue with ThinkBox caches sequences. Now, all caches are uploaded and relinked correctly
- Fixed issue with OCIO assets linked in material settings (V-Ray)
- Added warning for Strips render mode used when the scene contains post-effects in the frame buffer. Post effects are not supported with Strips render mode
- Added additional switch - Save LC - for Light Cache settings (V-Ray) used with Camera bake and render mode. When the switch is on, Light Cache will be saved as separated .vrlmap file and used for rendering, Also, Light Cache will stay as secondary GI engine for render scene. When “Save LC” switch if OFF - workflow stays the same as currently is - Light Cache is cached inside Irradiance map and turned off for rendering
- Added warning prompt for render time with Corona renderer set to 1 second

20/08/2019 3ds Max plugin v110

- Fixed issue with Clear Coat settings (VRScans)

07/08/2019 3ds Max plugin v109

- Improved detection of output format setup. Now, if output format from the common output, VRay frame buffer or Render elements is set without extension or cannot be read by any reason, our plugin will not proceed with scene preparation process until setup is fixed. This “checker” also works when any other issues with output detection system occur (like internal 3ds Max bugs).
- Added warning when using Corona render engine and time limit render quality settings.
- Continue on error switch (WebManager) is now automatically switched ON if the scene contains any missing assets (Corona renderer).
- Fixed issue with render region rendering in VRay Strips mode.
- Fixed issues with not connected pre-cached Irradiance Map with Animation-Rendering mode (V-Ray). Now plugin checks not only for correct files, but also checks for extension - .vrmap. If an extension is not existing, the plugin will not proceed with the workflow

18/07/2019 3ds Max plugin v108

- Added support for new renderBeamer version (v0.1000)

21/06/2019 3ds Max plugin v107

- Fixed plugin crashes when cancelling new project created with an empty field
- Fixed issue with endless render limit (Corona)
- Fixed issue with incorrectly recognised V-Ray version ( in .gfs) when V-Ray not installed at all. This issue occurs when only Corona is installed, and the scene contains V-Ray assets (like materials). Now the plugin will leave V-Ray version .gfs parameter empty, and our system will install the newest one possible
- Fixed issue with capital letters breaking reading output formats in the plugin
- Added support for tyFlow cache assets
- Improvements with reading cameras from the scene. Now currently selected camera is also “checked” on plugin cameras list

13/05/2019 3ds Max plugin v106

- Fixed issue with relinking .vrscene assets. Now plugin not only relinks .vrscene files but also handles asset paths inside the .vrscene
- Fixed issue with VRay render mask setting. When using render mask with “selected” mode scene cannot be rendered from the cmd line. Now, the plugin shows prompt for such a case. Other render mask modes are fully supported
- Added additional information about outputs settings (Split-Channel & Render elements dependence)
- Added option “Remove missing assets”. This function works in the same way as integrated 3d Max asset tracker functionality. It removes paths to missing assets and replaces them with empty placeholders. Remove missing assets is available from 2016+ versions.

15/04/2019 3ds Max plugin v105

- Changed workflow for scenes containing XRef assets. Due to 3Ds Max asset tracker limitations (not displaying all texture/assets links for XRef objects which are connected to the main scene), we decided to automatically merge XRef scenes to the main one. This process is done at plugin startup (from the renderBeamer menu) and before showing plugin UI. After merging XRefs to the main scene, the plugin will save the scene and start searching for missing assets, and if there are any - it will show standard missing assets popup window.
- Fixed checking of Anima version & purchased actors assets.
- Fixed issue with "¿" sign in the asset name
- Fixed issue with wrong camera name saved in .gfs
- Fixed issue with incorrectly relinked .ifl sequence
- Fixed issue with overwriting cameras with the same name
- Added support for 3ds Max 2020

26/03/2019 3ds Max plugin v104

- Improved support for the .vrscene exporter. Now every exported .vrscene which contains missing assets will have empty assets paths inside
- Improved scene saving procedures (lost render settings). Now plugin saves the main scene before maintaining any operations
- Added support for the temporary directory
- Fixed issues with .vrscene exporter (overwrite .gfs file and wrong exported scene names)
- Fixed issue with not relinking .fgmap file (Mental Ray)

06/03/2019 3ds Max plugin v103

- Added Domemaster plugin in .gfs (setting file) for auto-deployment purposes
- Fixed issue with the .stat cache being not uploaded
- Fixed issue with failing GI merge job
- Fixed issues with incorrect padding for PhoenixFD cache files
- Fixed issue with GI bake being blocked by main 3ds max output. Now all kind of camera bake scenes (like bFarm and so on) got main output always off
- Extended support for assets connected directly to VRay frame buffer. Now we are supporting additional files which are working in VRay frame buffer options - Background image, LUTs, OCIO and ICCs
- Multi render engine support - now our system auto-deploys VRay+Corona (if both engines are used in the scene)

13/02/2019 3ds Max plugin v101/v102

- Improvements with output settings

11/02/2019 3ds Max plugin v100

- Added warning about not supported nVidia denoiser (Corona render engine)

08/02/2019 3ds Max plugin v99

- Improved reading user output setting - now plugin sets all output setup with the same way as a base scene
- Corona & VRay versions - improved reading renderers versions

04/02/2019 3ds Max plugin v97/98

- Fixes multiple issues with outputs extension (for main output and render elements)
- Now 3ds Max plugin shows the current output format even when override extension option is disabled

30/01/2019 3ds Max plugin v96

- Added reading Arnold version (MAXtoA) - its saved in .gfs now
- Fixed issue with undefined output extension
- Fixed issues with scene versioning when used new project name option
- Fixed issues with copying anima assets with non-Latin characters
- Fixed issue with the output switching from TIFF to BMP
- Fixed issue with not uploaded PhoenixFD caches

07/01/2019 3ds Max plugin v95

- Fixed '--No "finditem"" function for undefined.' issue<br>
- Removed warning about PSD textures not being supported<br>

31/12/2018 3ds Max plugin v94

- Improved handling .ifl sequences

20/12/2018 3ds Max plugin v93

- Improvements with Anima plugin
- Added prompt for Auto exposure in V-Ray (it does not work with network rendering and strips mode)

07/12/2018 3ds Max plugin v92

- Fixed issue with send multi-camera
- Fixed relink for Corona LUT correction
- Changed warning prompt for vertical tilt correction issue - now it works only  for selected cameras
- Improved handling errors during files copy

29/11/2018 3ds Max plugin v91

- Improved scene checking procedure - now all check procedures (like assets, paths and links) are done before starting plugin GUI.
- Upgraded workflow for Anima plugin.
- Added support for using symbolic/hard links instead of copying original files for upload. This feature works for movie clips, assets, and caches. It drastically reduces the duration of scene preparation and disk usage. Using symlinks requires preparation process to enable it.
- Added Render Cost Calculator to plugin menu.
- Added checking for paths longer than 256.
- Added prompt about using Corona denoiser with strips mode.
- Added prompt and checker for non-standard resolutions in strips mode.
- Added prompt for vertical tilt correction issue (not supported).
- Added support for XMesh assets.
- Added support for .ifl sequences in the VRayHDRi object (Dome Light).
- Fixed prompt for Corona UHD asset.
- Fixed relinking md5 texture name.
- Fixed issue with empty texture name after scene upload.
- Fixed issue with output format set to .avi (for render elements).
- Fixed issue with output format set to undefined.
- Fixed issue with Phoenix FD caches linked via. VRayVolumeGrid object.

15/10/2018 3ds Max plugin v90

- Added plugins - Multiscatter & Phoenix list in the .gfs settings file (for auto-deployment before rendering)

07/09/2018 3ds Max plugin v89

- Disallowed negative frame numbers for Corona renderer

13/08/2018 3ds Max plugin v88

- Added support for Arnold renderer
- Fixed relink for PhoenixFD cache assets with negative frames numbers

30/07/2018 3ds Max plugin v87

- Added support for ART render
- Fixed Render Region in VFB disabled after plugin upload with the option set to hold it

12/07/2018 3ds Max plugin v86

- Added support for 3ds max installed plugins checker with 2019 version (.csv file)

27/06/2018 3ds Max plugin v85

- Fixed Vray version verification

20/06/2018 3ds Max plugin v84

- Fixed issue with plugin startup on VRay 2.40.04

07/06/2018 3ds Max plugin v83

- Fixed checking V-Ray version (version 4 and higher)
- Fixed setting resolution in with stereo cameras
- Optimize copying VrayProxy

30/04/2018 3DMax plugin v82

- Fixed 3ds Max 2019 support. Now you can render the newest max scenes with our plugin!

23/04/2018 3DMax plugin v81

- Fixed Anima assets issue
- Fixed render elements empty paths
- Fixed render elements empty namespace
- Fixed disappearing VraySelectedObject render element
- Added support for CXR format with strip rendering mode (Corona render)

21/03/2018 3DMax plugin v80

- Fixed issue with not forwarding setup for use camera path (IR/LC) switches when using VRay Strip mode
- Fixed issue with render range validation when using Corona render strips mode
- Improved support for 3ds Max Scanline renderer

09/03/2018 3DMax plugin v79

- Added support for MaxFluid Cache (2018.4 updates and up)
- Fixed VRayProxy assets handling
- Fixed & improved coping Anima assets
- Fixed listening Camera objects in the plugin setup window

31/01/2018 3DMax plugin v78

- Fixed issues with .pc2 files - now they are correctly relinked and managed in the scene
- Added warning about render region (when it's ON) in Corona render

19/01/2018 3DMax plugin v77

- Auto baking of anima projects from Max upon upload
- Aniprojects are now loaded and linked as .anipack.aniproj
- Purchased assets included in .anipack.aniproj
- .anipack.aniproj naming fixed to avoid overwriting

04/11/2018 3DMax plugin v76

- Added GI caching option for Corona render still shots
- If you are using UHD GI mode, your still shots rendered with strips mode will have cached GI job. This will prevent your renders from having "strips" connection lines

27/12/2017 3DMax plugin v73/v74/v75

- Fixed "lock" switch on selected camera (now its automatically disabled)
- Fixed override project name option when using the multi-cam scene
- Fixed plugin issues with older 3ds Max versions (2013)

14/12/2017 3DMax plugin v72

- Changes in the timeline control window. Now render range is set directly to each scene camera
- Timeline value must be added in the correct way. For eg. to render range from 0-100 with a full scene, you should put render range 0to100s1. To render test (every 10th frame) just put 0to100s10
- You can now render selected frames in strip mode
- Added support for PFlow cache disk (.pf assets)
- Fixed .ifl sequences links (when using multiple .ifl assets)
- Blocked unsupported render engines

29/11/2017 3DMax plugin v71

- Fixed Corona render issues with strips rendering mode
- Added upload queue for scenes exported as .vrscenes

22/11/2017 3DMax plugin v70

- Fixed UHD cache file re-linking with Corona 1.7
- Fixed plugin startup error when using Corona 1.7

24/10/2017 3DMax plugin v69

- Fixed disabling render region with Vray
- Fixed disablingRender Mask (now it's set to "None")
- Added prompt about "Corona render selected mode"
- Added check/uncheck for all cameras when setting the multi-cam scene

16/10/2017 3DMax plugin v68

- Extended plugin setup for strips mode - now you can render VRay strips with every GI configuration, LC modes are now creating GI caching job
- Added full support for multi-camera scenes with all renderers (Mental Ray, VRay, Corona) and all possible render modes
- Improved plugin GUI layout for displays with lower than HD resolution
- Disabled 32bit Vray raw exr. Now exr internal format setup will have the same settings as the original scene

2/10/2017 3DMax plugin v67

- Disabled "separate render folders" switch for V-Ray frame buffer output (RGB/Alpha)

28/9/2017 3DMax plugin v66

- Fixed issue with .exr files connected as .ifl sequence asset type

06/9/2017 3DMax plugin v65

- Added warnings/prompts about support for MentalRay (3ds max 2018 and up), support for CXR format with Corona render still shots and post-process effects with VRay
- Disable options "render to fields" on default
- Added Photon map support for still shot mode and render as is a mode
- Fixed Realflow issue with empty caches paths
- Added reload scene after crash feature

18/8/2017 3DMax plugin v64

- Multi-camera - faster workflow
- Added prompts about not supported features (Photon map, 3dmax internal cached Hair, and Fur & some.vrscene plugins which don't work with .vrscene export)

20/7/2017 3DMax plugin v63

- Disabled hardware acceleration for denoiser filtering in VRay 3.x (GPU mode)
- Disabled CXR format in Corona renderer with strips mode (CXR is still available in all animation modes)
- Fixed Corona 1.6.1 ""missing assets"" dialog window (in 3DMax 2017/2018)
- Other improvements to plugin speed & stability

22/6/2017 3DMax plugin v62

- VRay RT - now you can render scenes with VRay RT set as main render engine on our farm. VRay RT works with "render as is mode"
- Added support for VDB cache files
- Extended support for Corona renderer features
- Now you can render scenes with multiple cameras with one plugin usage
- Corona multiple cameras work with strip image and animation mode
- CXR format support added for animation scenes
- Render elements outputs got additional _ sign at the end of the file name

16/6/2017 3DMax plugin v61

- New feature - Vray scene exporter<br>
- Now you can export .max scenes to .vrscene and render them with our farm
- All plugin features (like GI caching for each mode, render outputs etc) are supported with a .vrscene exporter
- Fixes with "store direct light" switch

2/6/2017 3DMax plugin v59

- Changed prompt text for Corona GI
- Added support Corona LUT files (ext .cube)
- Fixed disappears max listener menu

23/5/2017 3DMax plugin v58

- Fixed Real Flow caches re-linking procedure
- Full support for anima assets upload & relinking procedure
- If the process is cancelled plugin will delete temporary files
- Checking procedure for Corona with strips mode

5/5/2017 3DMax plugin v56

- Fixes in plugin workflow and optimization

26/4/2017 3DMax plugin v55

- Support for Chaos group Phoenix FD - including all types of pre-cached Phoenix objects
- Support for FumeFX - including all type of Fume data
- Support for Corona 1.6
- New feature - override project name. Now you can add a custom name for your project (previously project name was same as scene name)

17/3/2017 3DMax plugin v53

- Rebuilding assets re-linking procedure - now relinking & copying assets works faster and more stable (including non-latin paths & assets names
- Overall fixes to plugin stability
- Vray Standalone exporter - now you can render the 3dmax scene as a .vrscene project!
- Support for Vray assets like proxies, vrmaterials, vrobjects

8/3/2017 3DMax plugin v52

- Fixed issues with Light Cache paths

7/3/2017 3DMax plugin v51

- Optimized plugin relinking procedure
- Optimized handling VRay stereo/VR cameras
- Fixes in plugin workflow

15/2/2017 3DMax plugin v49

- Fixes in scene states modes
- Fixes in non-Latin file naming in paths, assets, and outputs
- New assets relinking procedure

8/2/2017 3DMax plugin v48

- Added support for scene states with Corona renderer
- Fixes in Vray VR cameras modes

2/2/2017 3DMax plugin v47

- Fixed Corona renderer with strips mode
- Fixed Vray VR cameras modes

17/1/2017 3DMax plugin v46

- Added support Scene State with Corona
- Fixed Corona versions selection
- Removed support for demo Vray versions
- Bug fixes & optimization

19/10/2016 3DMax plugin v44

- Added support for Corona 1.5
- Fixes issue with $ sign in 3DMax asset tracker paths
- Fixes in plugin UI & plugin operations

5/10/2016 3DMax plugin v43

- Added support for multiple cameras with still shots scenes (strip modes)
- Every camera is now rendered as a separated scene with GI caching on/off (user setting)
- Added support for VRay RAW image output
- Minor fixes for plugin stability & features

10/8/2016 3DMax plugin v42

- Rebuilding strip render mode (VRay)
- New GI setups supported with strip rendering (distributed still shot)
- Bruteforce, Light Cache, and combinations with Irradiance map supported with strip mode (VRay)
- Fixes for plugin speed and stability

21/7/2016 3DMax plugin v41

- Major fixes to plugin features

7/6/2016 3DMax plugin v40

- Support for 3DMax 2017
- Support for internal "Scanline" renderer
- Other minor fixes/improvements

20/5/2016 3DMax plugin v37

- Support for Corona renderer 1.4 - including all new features
- GUI auto-switching between Corona 1.3/1.4
- Support for VRay HDRI assets
- Resolution double for VRay stereoscopic cameras & rendering
- Other minor fixes/improvements

16/3/2016 3DMax plugin v32

- Bugs fixes
- Added "bake without store" switch for full animation and all camera animation modes (for GI caching without "store direct light" option)

5/2/2016 3DMax plugin v29

- Added support for "bucket mode" in Corona renderer
- Added switches between Corona renderer engines & additional Corona render settings

13/1/2016 3DMax plugin v28

- Support for .ifl sequence - now you can send & render scene with image sequences added as .ifl assets
- Major fixes & updates to plugin stability

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Re: 3ds Max plugin - change log


- Fixed UHD cache file re-linking with Corona 1.7

I still have the error message with the v71 installed


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Re: 3ds Max plugin - change log


We have sent you an email regarding this issue. We would need the scene and the cache to test it again on our side.

Our internal tests didn't show up any problems with the UHD cache linking with Corona 1.7, but maybe something still requires fixing. We would appreciate your help with that one.

If you have other questions, you may keep posting on our forum or you may contact our support via email, Skype, or live chat: We are available 24/7.



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