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Blender plugin - supported features

Global features:
  • Blender rendering support for versions 2.62 and above

  • Rendering with engines - Internal, Cycles, Game, V-Ray

  • Rendering frame sequences, single frames, ranges (with step), and selected frames

  • Rendering scenes with any type of cached animations (like mdd files, particle system cache etc.)

  • Support for non-latin characters as well in scene names as in assets

  • Support for all Blender external assets like textures, GI maps etc.

  • Support for python scripts is enabled only after confirming with our support

  • Fully automated integration that includes scene versioning, assets checking, scene checking, relinking

  • Movie files (*.avi, *.mov, *.wmv) as assets are supported, but we highly recommend using image sequences instead - in some situation movie assets may cause issues

Rendering & GI:
  • Rendering using distributed techniques for every kind of scene

  • Presets & plugin setups for fully animated scenes, camera animated, brute force scenes (including additional switches like camera paths for Irradiance maps & Light caches, baking steps & density, dynamic memory limits, bucket size)

  • Rendering scenes with pre-cached GI

  • Rendering Cycles scenes - Path Tracing and Branched Path Tracing with scene samples settings

  • All available external outputs - main output, Blender multi-layer V-Ray frame buffer, V-Ray Raw image (multilayer EXRs), render layers

  • Saving outputs with custom setups (including prefixes and internal settings)

  • Movie formats (*.avi, *.mov, *.wmv, *.mp4) are not supported as output

Version 003

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