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#1 2020-10-02 15:09:57

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.MOV output not recognized by QuickTime or VLC

This is my first time trying remote rendering.  I sent a small (5minute) After Effects file for render.  It rendered without error, but I can't open it with either QT or VLC.  Anyone have some pointers to rectify?  I assume I am doing something wrong, but I am following guide to the letter.


#2 2020-10-30 22:11:31

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Re: .MOV output not recognized by QuickTime or VLC

Hi, AaronSavka

Please excuse my late response, we are moving now all the Support to our email and webchat.

It's hard to tell since I don't have access to the file and the scene which rendered it. I don't know what is your account ID and the project name.

If you still experience this issue, please let us know on chat, we are online 24\7.

As a temporal solution, you can try to render the composition to frames like PNG and then export it to the final video file in your editing program.


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