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GarageFarm Mobile App

Hello guys,
I would like to thank you for the services that you provide. Anyway, I'm new to the forum so, not sure if it's the correct place for this message.
I wanted to know if in the near future, you could create some kind of mobile app through which, we can keep track of our upload, render time, costs and other status so that we can get some brief info in case we're busy or away from the computer.
I know I can just login through the browser on the phone, but it's kind of difficult to use web version when you're very sleepy smile

If there's already an app, please let me know.



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Re: GarageFarm Mobile App

Hi Animatosh,

Thank you for this question.

We are aware of the need for a mobile app for Web Manager or improving the Web Manager website to be more mobile friendly. It is on our to-do list, but we cannot provide an estimated time for this feature at this moment. For the upload/download, we are using our app renderBeamer, but maybe we could also add the status of the upload in Web Manager if there is such a need.

If you have any difficulties with using the Web Manager mobile version or need any help with your currently rendering/rendered frames, you can always catch us on our live chat. It also works on mobile.


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